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Why do most of my pupils come to me from other instructors

Because they have consistantly failed their test.

The instructor has not helped them fix the problem.

The instructor has got tired of the pupil affecting their pass rate.

Instructor shouts, gets upset, makes the pupil cry.

Not at We stick with you and get you past the test.

excel driving school

Vince Jackson Dsa, Adi (car)

The best way to learn anything -

is to enjoy doing it!

That's why my aim is to make your lessons fun, so that you enjoy doing things the right way

Take a look at instructors as they drive around your town.

Are they smiling, do they look happy? - does the pupil look like they're having a good time ?

Think back to when you were at school. Which subjects did you like? How many Teachers did you like? I bet that your favourite subject was probably taught by your favourite teacher

I teach because i enjoy it!

We teach Safe Driving for life



We do not do crash courses. Intensive driving schools like to lull you into a false sence of security. If you want several lessons per week - we will do our best to accommodate you. Remember - driving on today's roads takes experience, this means time and practice, it can not not be gained in a week!